Often a person begins to take care of his health and body only when the disease occurs. Rarely do we feel our body or at least try to feel it when it is healthy. And one of the most important things to keep your body healthy and prevent disease is to learn to listen to what the body is saying.

Strengthening immune system is one of the essential things that will help not only to feel good in everyday life, but also to ensure a healthy future. Ayurveda encourages a person primarily to learn to use natural methods that increase the body’s resistance to disease instead of resorting to medicine.

Immunity in Aujurveda is called Ojas. It is the vital energy that controls vital functions. Ojas contains all five elements and our immune system depends on it.

Ojas is disrupted by:

– Bad diet: not fresh, processed, dead food.
– Activities, that cause chronic stress.
– Exhaustion, noise.
– Many different electronic devices: computers, TV’s, mobile phones, etc.

So to have a strong immunity, you should first start with your daily life, get a good insight into how your day is going: do you travel calmly, do you have time for exercise, a slow breakfast, a walk in the fresh air, what work do you do, what do you eat and who do you interact with.

According to Ayurveda, all diseases come primarily through our negative emotions that we are unable to control and feel. Emotions can accumulate in the body without us even noticing, until finally, after many years, they translate into disease.

So, for a healthy body and strong immunity, first reduce your stress level or learn how to deal with it. Organize your diet, give up negative things like alcohol and cigarettes.

Well, in addition you can use a variety of herbs that will only support your immune system: basil, thyme, rosehips. Also, although there is no meat in the Ayurvedic diet, they do not give up milk, which, by the way, greatly strengthens the immune system.

However, it must be drunk warmed and mixed with Indian spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom or saffron.