Why it is worth choosing ayurvedic head massage?

Head massage has a lot of benefits to our organism, and ayurvedic head massage distinguishes that during it, like during other ayurvedic massages, suitable oil for you is used. Ayurvedic head massage helps to achieve maximum relaxation, it not only reduces anxiety, stress and helps to fall asleep, but also benefits head skin, hair condition. Head massage helps to improve bloodstream, and the oil used during ayurvedic massage is very suitable for dry and weak hairs, because it nourishes hair roots. In India, it is ordinary to strengthen head skin and hair by oils, and ayurvedic head massage allows to have strong and glossy hair. Very beneficial oil, which improves hair condition, is Bhringraj oil. This is called all-embracing hair tonic, which is beneficial in encouraging hair growth and reducing their crawling. This oil can be used not only as massage oil, but also as hair conditioner. Ayurvedic head massage fits in order to reduce migraine, headache and improve memory. This massage involves massaging with circular motions and stimulation of marma points, and due to sleep improvement features, it is recommended to do ayurvedic head massage in evening. Such massage, so-called self-massage, can be performed by self. For that, one teaspoon of ayurvedic oil, which must be warm, should be used. Distribute it beside centric part of scalp, gently massage the whole head by circular and oscillatory motions starting for the centre. Change the directions and repeat the procedure by using fingers and stimulating marma points. It is recommended to watch video lessons how to do this massage correctly. Marma points being stimulated during head massage are very important for our good self-feeling, so ayurvedic head massage characterizes comprehensive benefit.